Mike + Celine

After booking a last-minute flight to Colorado, I found myself on Instagram looking for cool couples to photograph!  I came across Celine and Mike’s Instagram and immediately messaged them.  Not sure that I would hear back, I woke up to an exciting message!  They said yes!  After being in Colorado for a few days, we met up in Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado.  Little did I know that the first photo spot I chose was a mural attached to their favorite eatery, Comet Chicken.  So of course, we had to stop in for a treat.  As we walked around the downtown area, Celine and Mike shared some of their love story!  Celine and Mike have both have lived in Colorado their entire lives.  Interestingly, the met on Facebook due to mutual friends and connected over their intense love for dogs.  Just how intense?  Well, Mike has six Pomeranian dogs! Yes, I said SIX!  So great is his love for these dogs, that he has a tattoo of one on his leg!  If Mike and Celine are not at the movie theater, they are lying low at home with a movie and popcorn!  Celine and Mike were an awesome couple to meet!  I am so grateful for their adventurous spirits!  Enjoy checking out our ventures through downtown Fort Collins!

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