The Daiber Family

Today I photographed a very special family, who are not only clients, but longtime family friends.  I grew up with Kelsey, as our dads lived on the same street and were best friends in High School.  I had the privilege of photographing Kelsey + Alex’s engagement, wedding and today their baby boy!  However, today's family session was not a typical photo session.  This is Alex's second time battling brain cancer.  He was in remission for about 5 years. Six months into their first year of marriage they found out Alex had a another growth in the area his previous tumor had been removed.  These past couple of months things took a turn for the worst and there is nothing more the medical community can do for him.  Alex is an incredible man and has been a light in so many people’s lives.  I would like to ask for you to pray for the Daiber family.  Please pray for peace and comfort.  Pray for sweet moments together.  There were so many precious moments shared today with friends and family.  I am truly honored to be have the privilege of capturing the big milestones in the Daiber family! 

*Update: There is now a gofundme for the Daiber family.  Please consider sharing this blog post with friends and family to raise support in order to help cover medical bills and support the future education of their son Ezra.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."  -Romans 8:18

Alex+Kelsey+Ezra+Daiber (139 of 403).jpg
Alex+Kelsey+Ezra+Daiber (135 of 403).jpg

Alex and Kelsey June of 2016 looking hot as ever! 

"Oh the sweet life of a christian, that hath made his peace with God!  He is fit for all conditions:  for life, for death, for everything."  -Richard Sibbes