Brent + Amanda

Oh these two!  Brent + Amanda are two of the coolest people you could ever meet!  I have the pleasure of knowing these two because of my husband Micah.  Micah and Brent have known each other sense they were toddlers.  Also, Brent was one of Micah’s groomsmen in our wedding!  To say the least, Brent and his fiancé Amanda are very special to us!  One of the greatest pleasures of being a photographer is that I get to play a part of my friends big life moments!  With Amanda being a cook and Brent being a foodie along side her, we of course started our session off at one of their favorite grommet restaurants, Haute Dogs & Fries!  Scroll to see two of the funniest humans alive, lots of random dancing and casual singing in french! 

brentandamandaengagement2018 (52 of 475).jpg
brentandamandaengagement2018 (216 of 475).jpg